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A Brief History

In the late 18th Century, settlers from New England made their way to northeast Ohio - then the Western Reserve of Connecticut. The first permanent settlement was in Burton in 1798, followed closely in 1799 by Middlefield. Protestant churchs appeared in the 1840s in many town centers. Geauga County was established March 1, 1806

In 1841, the Geauga Cattle Fair and Show was 18 years old (now the Great Geauga County Fair). A group of settlers in the Auburn Center crossroads area established a gathering within the Disciples of Christ Church. Elder A. S. Hayden, minister in the Disciples of Christ led the congregation. These early parishioners called their church Auburn Center Union Church.

For five years the congregation met in member's homes. By 1846 there were 70-80 people worshiping and the need for a permanent building was obvious. The first dedicated building was soon erected and services were held there for approximately 30 years.

After this time, the building was seldom used except for the occasional funeral until around 1878 when a Universalist group began worshiping there including a Sunday School. Worship ceased once again around 1880. The building remained empty and unused until 1895 when Rev. Henry Derthick, a Hiram College ministerial student, saw a future for the church and solicited members from west Auburn.

Once again a Disciple Church was formed under the leadership of Rev. Derthick who remained in his role for several years. Other student ministers from Hiram College were called to serve until 1920 when Rev, Thomas Henshaw came to the growing church. Under his leadership, the church was reorganized as one of the non-denominational Community Churches of America.

Through the years the church has been affiliated with Congregational Christian Churches (1941), Evangelical and Reformed Church (1957) which became the United Church of Christ. Auburn Community Church remains part of the UCC today.

Throughout the 174 years (as of 2105) of Auburn Church's existence, there have been many pastors and members who with their resources and gifts have maintained this place for worship and service.

In 1954 the original building was donated to Century Village Museum in Burton, OH, which has the dual mission of public education and Geauga County historic preservation. Click HERE to link to the museun "About" page where you will see a picture of the church building where it rests today.

The current building (as pictured at the top of this page) was built on donated land and constructed by volunteer labor. The grounds are beautifully maintained by volunteers today. See our Prayer Garden page. The Prayer Garden is open to the public daily year 'round for all who wish to stop, pray or commune with God.

Our membership, church building, and prayer garden stand today (2015) as a symbol of God's presence in the Auburn Community.